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eeprog is a Linux C program that allows you to read and write to 24Cxx EEPROM.

24Cxx EEPROM use the I2C protocol but most common controllers found in most PC hardware only support SMBus (a superset of I2C).

What eeprog does is using SMBus commands to read/write to I2C EEPROM so almost every controller could be used.

To use it you have to connect someway a 24Cxx EEPROM to the SMBus bus of your PC.
I connected a 24C32(32kbit EEPROM) to the I2C connector of my Via Epia board but you could use one of those parallel-to-I2C devices (I've never seen/used one of those).


Latest release is 0.7.6

You can download it here: eeprog-0.7.6.tar.gz


Before using eeprog you must load (or build into the kernel) the following I2C drivers:

# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
i2c-viapro              3244   0
i2c-proc                6356   0  (unused)
i2c-dev                 3936   0
i2c-core               13956   0  [i2c-viapro i2c-proc i2c-dev]


i2c-viapro is the driver of my VIA controller, yours will probably differ. Note that most I2C drivers are not included in the kernel source package but you can download them from the lm_sensors site.

To install just unpack the source and type make. You can move eeprog to /usr/local/bin if you want.


If everything has been set up properly you will be able to read the first byte of the EEPROM at address 0x51 (your address may differ) on bus 0 (i.e. /dev/i2c-0) with:

	# eeprog /dev/i2c-0 0x51 -r 0 -x
	eeprog, a 24Cxx EEPROM reader/writer
	Copyright (c) Stefano Barbato - All rights reserved.
	  Bus: /dev/i2c-0, Address: 0x51
	  Reading 1 bytes from 0x0

	 0000|  5a

Usage and examples

# eeprog
eeprog, a 24Cxx EEPROM reader/writer
Copyright (c) Stefano Barbato - All rights reserved.
eeprog [ -r addr[:count] | -w addr ]  /dev/i2c-N  i2c-address
        -r addr[:count] Read [count] (1 if omitted) bytes from [addr]
                        and print them to the standard output
        -w addr         Write input (stdin) at mem address [addr]
        -x              Set the hex output mode
        -d              Dummy mode, display what *would* have been done

The following environment variables could be set instead of the command
line arguments:
        EEPROG_DEV              device name(/dev/i2c-N)
        EEPROG_I2C_ADDR         i2c-address

        1- read 64 bytes from the EEPROM at address 0x54 on bus 0 starting
           at address 123 (decimal)
                eeprog /dev/i2c-0 0x54 -r 123:64
        2- prints the hex codes of the first 32 bytes read from bus 1
           at address 0x22
                eeprog /dev/i2c-1 0x51 -x -r 0x22:0x20
        3- write the current timestamp at address 0x200 of the EEPROM on
           bus 0 at address 0x33
                date | eeprog /dev/i2c-0 0x33 -w 0x200
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