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Jun 17, 2014mimetic 0.9.8 released.
  • clang/gcc compilation fix
Sep 10, 2011mimetic 0.9.7 released.
  • GPL references removed from source code (mimetic's MIT now)
  • body::code() bug fix (thanks to bstoeger)
  • Win32 port updated (thanks to Hilmi Jauffer)
  • ContentTransferEncoding encoding consts (base64, eightbit, binary, etc.)
  • Body::load() now clears the current body content before loading
May 13, 2009mimetic license changed to MIT.

From release 0.9.6 mimetic license has been changed to MIT to be more commercial-friendly but still GPL-compatible.

You can read more about the MIT license on Wikipedia or on opensource.org

May 13, 2009mimetic 0.9.6 released.
  • better malformed messages handling
  • misc bug fixes (see the Changelog file)
Oct 7, 2008mimetic 0.9.5 released.
  • folding bug fixed (thanks to by M.Pinna)
  • tokenizer bug fix (thanks to by Jay Sprenkle)
Sep 17, 2008mimetic 0.9.4 released.
  • gcc 4.3.x compatibility fix
Apr 03, 2007mimetic 0.9.3 released.
  • gcc 4.x compatibility fix
Jan 21, 2007mimetic 0.9.2 released.
  • Solaris compatibility fixes (thanks to Shan Will)
  • itparser.h fixes (thanks to Phil Endecott and Joshua Chang)
  • DateTime set fix
Apr 10, 2006mimetic 0.9.1 released.
  • utils.h: gcc 4.1 compatibility fix
  • assert() on malformed quoted-printable messages removed
Mar 12, 2006mimetic 0.9.0 released.
  • Body::load optimization (thanks to Jorge Ortiz Claver)
  • InIt copy_until_boundary fix (thanks to Harald Gering)
  • Fixes to support Solaris (thanks to Shan Will)
Mar 07, 2005mimetic 0.8.9 released.
  • thread-safe MessageId
  • always use CRLF (instead of '\n') on write functions
  • gcc 3.4.x support
  • fix: endless loop on malformed base64 input (thanks to Soenke Schau [ss])
  • fix: no more characters are eaten by folding algorithm when a word is longer then the chosen folding limit
  • fixed a bug that segfault apps parsing some 'binary' encoded entities thanks to Paul Marcovici)
  • examples/exbin, correctly extract 'binary' encoded entities
Sep 06, 2004mimetic 0.8.8 released.
  • Codec const-ness mimetic::Body fix (thanks to Harald Gering)
  • itparser memory leak fixed (thanks to km)
Aug 30, 2004mimetic 0.8.7 released.
  • Win32 support (thanks to Andreas Gruen [agr])
  • Mac OS X support
  • config_win32.h autogen on 'make dist'
  • removed a linux specific header file
  • *.cc renamed to *.cxx (required by MS Visual C++)
  • IteratorParser<>::append() fix [agr]
  • Mailbox::str() fix [agr]
  • tokenizer fix [agr]
Apr 29, 2004mimetic 0.8.6 released.
  • Body::set(...) added
  • cutee resync
  • doc/header.html and doc/footer.html added to distribution pkg
  • dist-hook to rm test/*.cutee.* test/autocutee.mk
Feb 29, 2004eeprog 0.7.6 released.
  • better error handling
  • read_from_eeprom bug fixed, thanks to Marek Michalkiewicz
Feb 27, 2004cutee 0.4.2 released.
  • long options removed
  • added $(LDFLAGS) to "runtest" rule in autocutee.mk
  • fixed xml output ( tag was missing)
Jan 20, 2004mimetic 0.8.5 released.
  • parser bug: \n after the body of multipart msgs (see t.parser.h::t0)
  • cutee (unit testing engine) sync
Dec 22, 2003cutee 0.4.1 released.
  • code has been refactored to easily support new output formats and test monitor classes
  • TEST_ASSERT_PM, TEST_ASSERT_EQUALS_PM, TEST_ASSERT_DIFFERS_PM added. they print the asserted value(s) and the user supplied message to cerr on failures;
  • "cutee" namespace added
  • Makefile.am: test files srcdir prefix added
  • MAX_TEST_COUNT used instead of fixed value (to be removed soon)
  • initial Skimmer support, use SKIMMER_MODE=1 env for XML output
  • fix to avoid 'member initializers re-order' warning
  • fixed a bug in the parser that lead to a compilation error using "using namespace xxxx" in the test headers they print the asserted value(s) to cerr on error.
Dec 17, 2003mimetic 0.8.4 released.
  • a multi-function email tool has been added into the examples directory. it's still work in progess but already useful for filtering/searching
  • Attachment and subclasses modified for easy porting
  • fix to avoid an error when parsing fields without any value: "fieldname: \n". (segfaults if such field is the first one)
  • find_bm fixed
  • cutee (unit testing engine) upgraded
Dec 8, 2003cutee 0.4.0 released.
  • quickstart Makefile(.dist) added
  • clean make target moved out of autocutee.mk (into Makefile[.am])
  • runtest-clean removed, move to "clean" target
  • now tests (by default) are executed after been compiled but not on every execution of 'make'
Dec 2, 2003eeprog 0.7.5 released.
  • help switch (-h) added
  • 8bit addressing is now the default (safest)
  • 16bit mode switch added (-16)
  • quiet mode has been added (-q)
Nov 28, 2003eeprog 0.7.4 released.
  • force switch added (-f)
  • big warning will be displayed before reading/writing, user must confirm
  • i2c-dev.h has been (re)included into the distribution package because user space functions have been removed from the original i2c-dev.h by the dev team.
Nov 21, 2003eeprog 0.7.3 released.
  • ChangeLog added
  • WARNING file added
  • support for 8bit addressing EEPROMs (-8 command line switch)
  • better code documentation
  • i2c-dev.h is no more included into the dist package.
Nov 20, 2003mimetic 0.8.3 released.
  • random_access_iterator parser fixed:
  • sometimes boundary was included into the body
  • input_iterator parser fixed (will no more ignore the first body newline)
  • MMFile::open() will return true only opening regular files
Nov 15, 2003cutee 0.3.9 released.
  • Autotools autocutee.mk fix: $(srcdir) used in rules
  • runtest automatically runs after compilation
  • README added
  • ChangeLog added
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