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Here you'll find a few free programs and libraries that I wrote for fun that could be useful to you or somebody else out there.

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Jun 17, 2014mimetic 0.9.8 released.
Sep 10, 2011mimetic 0.9.7 released.
May 13, 2009mimetic license changed to MIT.

More news and ChangeLogs here.

Free Software
mimetic a full featured MIME library written in C++.
cutee C++ Unit Testing Easy Environment.
eeprog a Linux tool to read and write 24Cxx EEPROMs on SMBus bus.
recover an utility that lets you recover JPEGs from partially readable (i.e. broken) discs and digital cameras memory cards.
lcd echoes characters to serial or parallel LCD display based on the HD44780 or compatible controller chip.

Commercial Software (inquare.com for more info)
Bookstore Assistant shopping bot to find and buy books online
Full Screen for Netscape add-on to add full screen browsing feature to Netscape 4.x
Save With Images Netscape 4.x add-on to save a web page and all related content (images, nested objects, Java classes, etc.) to your local hard disk for local browsing.
Power Browsing Tools Integrates Full Screen, Save With Images, a download manager and more.
Flying Toolbars The first full screen browsing add-on. For Netscape 3.x.

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